Kids Treasure Hunt 2020

Answer each of the questions below.  The answer to each question is a number.  

Add up the answers to give a total number.   Email this total number with the entrant’s name and telephone number and age to with TREASURE HUNT in the subject.

Entries can be made individually or in groups of up to 3.  

Closing date is 6pm Sunday August 2nd.  Winners will be announced on Monday August 3rd

  1.  Add the last 2 numbers of the year Flannerys Shop was established? _ + _ = __
  1.  How many toucans are on Tá Sés pub? _
  1.  How many cobblers are on O’Neills Shoe Repairs sign in the Market Sq? _
  1.  How many petals are on the flower on Pings sign?
  1. How many Golf Courses are listed on things to do in Wicklow? _
  1.  How many customers are allowed in Kelly’s Fruit and Veg? _
  1. How many meters apart must you be in  La Locandina? _
  1. Boyz ? Men? _
  1. How many books’ for’ you in Malones? _
  1.  What is the door number beside JJ Jewellers? _
  1.  How many minutes after the hour does Wicklow Credit Union Open? __
  1.  Add up the last 2 numbers of the year Hopkins Toymaster was established. _ + _ = __
  1.  How much is a full cotton face mask in Stan and Tony’s?  _
  1. How many old letter boxes are on John Flood’s wall? _
  1. What hour are most of clocks in Byrne’s gift shop set to? __
  1. What is half the number of years has Derek Dunne been in business? __ / 2 =__
  1. Add up the last 2 numbers of the year The Fishman opened?       _+_=__
  1. How many chopsticks in the Tikka sign?  _
  1. What is the total of the first 2 numbers of the Wicklow Life boat?     _+_= __
  1. At what hour does breakfast start at the Bridge Tavern? _
  1. Divide the number of years of Mog The Cat at Bridge St. Books by 10? __ / 10 = _
  1. How many white coffee cups in the Window of Halpins Café? _
  1. How many years have Kilmantain Arts been open divided by 4? _ _ / 4 = _
  1. How many palm trees on the picture in The Shoebox window? _
  1. How many coffee beans are on the Hearty Hut window? _
  1. Add up the last 2 numbers of the year Butler’s chemist opened?      _+ _= _
  1.  How many chairs are outside Earls? _
  1. How many windows on O’Reilly’s wooden shed? _
  1. How many shelves on the carnival wheel in the Sports Room window? _

TOTAL ________